Inspirational speakers

We have invited speakers from the space industry to give a variety of talks to inspire for the discussions of SpaceUp Sweden.

Christer Fuglesang

From my space flights towards the future (14:30-15:00)

Christer Fuglesang is a Swedish physicist and an ESA astronaut who became the first Swede in space when he was launched aboard the STS-116 Space Shuttle mission on the 9th of December 2006. He has participated in two Space Shuttle missions and five spacewalks, and is the first person outside of the United States or Russian space programs to participate in more than three spacewalks. Since April 2013, Christer is an adjunct professor in Space Physics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, as well as the director of KTH Space Center, which started in March 2014.

Fredrik Bruhn

Artificial intelligence enters orbit and beyond (10:00-10:30)

Fredrik Bruhn (Ph.D.) is a Swedish serial entrepreneur working primarily with autonomous systems and intelligent automation, ranging from interplanetary rovers to industrial robotics. Currently Fredrik serves as a Director and CEO of Unibap AB, a start-up company providing intelligent onboard SpaceCloud solutions for advanced data mining and information extraction using artificial intelligence. Unibap is also deeply involved in intelligent automation for Industry 4.0 solutions. Since December 2013, Fredrik is an adjunct professor in robotics & avionics at Mälardalen University and hold a Ph.D. in Microsystems technology from Uppsala University. He has been a guest researcher at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Jon-Erik Dahlin

Colonizing Space - Our Next 100 Years (12:05-12:35)

Jon-Erik Dahlin (PhD) is a physicist with a background in sustainable energy engineering. He is an experienced university teacher and has developed the introduction module in sustainability that is taught to students on several education programmes at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

Marina Rantanen Modéer

Human-Robot Collaboration for Space Exploration (11:30-12:00)

Marina Rantanen Modéer (MSc Mechanical Engineering, KTH and MSc General Management, SSE) is a doctoral candidate at the Technische Universität Dortmund focusing on comprehensive modeling of Cyber Physical Systems of Systems. She previously worked as a graduate robotics engineer at the European Space Agency in Noordwijk in the Netherlands participating mainly in activities connected to the European Robotic Arm and the Multi-purpose-End-To-End-Robotic-Operations-Network.

Robert Lindegren and Tor-Arne Grönland

NewSpace direction in Scandinavia (10:35-11:05)

GomSpace is a globally leading designer, integrator and manufacturer of high-end nanosatellites for customers in the academic, government and commercial markets.