Event Schedule



The registration takes place at the entrance to AlbaNova. At the registration you will get your name badge and a goodie bag. Try to arrive as early as possible as many people have to register for the event.


Invited speakers

We have invited speakers from the Swedish space industry and academia to talk about a varying range of topics which can serve as an inspiration for the participants' sessions in the afternoon.

10:00-10:30 TBD

10:35-11:05 GomSpace

11:05-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:00 Marina Rantanen Modéer

12:05-12:35 Jon-Erik Dahlin

Find more info about the speakers here



Lunch will be served at AlbaNova. This is a perfect time to start signing up for the Session Grid in the afternoon!


Session Grid

This is the participants' time to shine! You can sign up for a time slot at the event where you can talk about whatever you think is interesting or why not just invite participants to an open discuss about the exploration of Mars or the problem of Space Debris? Slots are 20 min and you can use the time however you want.


Speaker: Christer Fuglesang

The Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang will give a talk with the title "From my space flights towards the future". Don't miss this!


Swedish Fika

We will serve a classical Swedish "fika" with coffee/tea and something sweet!


Session Grid Continued

If you didn't give a talk yet, this is your chance!



Participants that have signed up for the dinner will join to have a meal at Hard Roch Café and continue networking and mingling.



Choose from one of these interesting workshops to learn more about a certain topic!

ESA Business Incubation Center - Space Entrepreneurship

Terraforming Mars - A Resource Management Game by Jacob Fryxelius

The Swedish Astronomical Youth Association - Astronomy and Exoplanets

Find more info about the workshops here



Lunch will be served at AlbaNova.


Session Grid

The afternoon is open for participants to decide what to do. The Session Grid is open for participants to book a time slot or you are welcome to just continue networking and hanging out will fellow space geeks!